E-Waste Management

Electronic waste disposal is critical for any business because of various government regulations for proper disposal of the waste. Tech Herds LLC provides services to dispose businesses electronic waste. We follow various industry standard procedures for not only disposal of e-waste but also re-use it. Tech Herds LLC believes in the philosophy of reduce, reuses or recycle electronic waste to keep the environment healthy for everyone.

Data Security

Data Security is a crucial task for any business and we understand it. We provide various services to destroy data from your hard drives or media devices.

Tech Herds LLC helps businesses with their data security and data management needs. To insure the destruction of data from the devices, we use various software and hardware solutions recommended and approved by Department of Defence (DoD). With state of the art tools, we will make sure that your data will be eliminated from the devices and cannot be recoverable.


Data Center

Data center decommissioning is a sensitive and lengthy process and we are here to help. Our technical staff removes equipment quickly and securely from your data center. The whole process is documented and with precise counting to make sure the maximum returns for our clients.


We specialize in data Center liquidation. Our process makes it easy for companies to generate extra cash for their new ventures. We insure that our clients get fair value of their data center assets and quickly. We liquidate wide range of equipment from network internal parts to complete server.